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    Cobalt Business District is East Cairo’s premier destination for businesses. Situated in Taj City, it aims to reimagine your idea of how business is conducted by integrating an extensive variety of amenities that facilitate not only business success, but also the well-being of everyone involved.

    Directly located on the Suez Road and in close proximity to all the major areas like Heliopolis and Nasr City, and in front of Cairo International Airport, Cobalt Business District has adopted the idea of centrality within the project by ensuring that all office buildings are within walking distance of each other; this makes it the perfect and most convenient location for companies and organizations.

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    Like all major business districts, a central location is key. Cobalt Business District offers the ideal environment for businesses of all sizes to thrive due to its incredibly unique location.

    • A central location in proximity to key districts
    • Directly on the Suez Road
    • In front of Cairo International Airport
    • Only minutes away from Heliopolis, Nasr City.
    • Direct access to the Ring Road
    • All office buildings are within walking distance of one another
    • Walking distance to the Taj City downtown area and strip mall

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    Our design language is centred around inspiring creativity and productivity in equal measure. We have created spaces that are entirely customizable and modular, tailored to the exact specifications of each individual business. With modular furniture and mobile room dividers, work areas can be transformed on a whim, which ensure that all office space is used efficiently and that there is ample room for expansion in the future.

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    At Cobalt Business District, we have a firm belief that people are more productive when they’re having fun, so we take into account everything people need to excel in a modern work environment. Offices incorporate collaborative working spaces as well as common areas like central courtyards for meetings, breaks, and individual productivity.

    In addition, there is extensive greenery connecting all office buildings to help promote productivity and the overall well-being of the employees.


    Any great project is based on solid foundations and sound infrastructure, at Cobalt Business District, every detail is carefully considered to create a people-centric environment that will propel your business to new heights. From super-fast internet to beautiful views and endless amenities, increased productivity is all but guaranteed.

    Central location


    Customised office spaces


    Wide parking spaces


    Greenery views


    Rooftop dining


    State of the art fiber-optic internet



    Taj City is a self-contained mixed-use development that is a hybrid of modern design and the cultural heritage of Cairo, lending it a sense of the familiar, whilst at the same time being on the cutting edge of modern design and architecture.

    Covering 3.5 million square meters, Taj City has something for everyone, from sprawling green expanses and pedestrian walkways, to a host of amenities ranging from a clubhouse, parks, swimming pools, gyms, squash and tennis courts, to luxury shopping boutiques and bistros.